Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mary Katrantzou x Topshop Collection Hits Kuwait

And opposite to Marni for H&M's window display on the avenues, we have the less-hyped designer collaberation Mary Katrantzou x Topshop, which I have intagramed about (@confashions) over the weekend. Mary Katrantzou is one of the hottest young designers around thanks to her innovative use of  3D effect patterns and floral prints. I didn't go on the day of the launch so I didn't get to see the lampshade dress, not sure if it was even stocked in Kuwait. But according to my sources, the store did not have a large number of items in stock, except for the leggings and the floral tees shown below. So we all agree that the collection was nice, but I was kind of surprised by the prices! Let's take The blue printed pants for example, shown below, in store it was priced at KD 95! I checked Topshop's site online and it was priced for £130, which is around KD 57... pretty high markup...


Al Moda said...

I saw some of the pieces over the weekend, and was disappointed by the quality of the fabric. I was really looking forward for this collection. To be honest 95 KD, even if it's a designer collaboration, is a bit much for mass produced Topshop.

Confashion said...

Al Moda
I couldn't agree more... I would spend max KD40 on a pair of high-street pants... KD 95 is just a rip-off!


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