Louboutin For Him and Her

I said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm not a huge Christian Louboutin fan, but every now and then I do pop inside the boutique to check out his latest designs, after all he does design a pair or two that I get attracted to every season. But generally speaking, I know that I won't be forking over my savings just for the luxury of wearing red-soled heels. That doesn't mean I never bought from Louboutin, but the heels that I get attracted to and buy have to look unique, wearable (not necessarily comfortable unfortunately), and basically make a statement. Plus the fact that there are more power players in the shoes arena, makes me more inclined to pop in, admire, and then leave. So today I'm sharing with you two pairs that I admired at the brand's boutique in Salhiya Complex, one for the ladies and one for the gents, to admire at the. Too bad the men's studded loafers didn't come in size 36.5... or 37, or 38, or 38.5. I can never get my size right with Louboutin!


awatif said…
OMG Confashions!!! I have the same theory about louboutins! That is soooo cool! i have something in common with the world's best blogger yayy!...sorry. i get carried away sometimes. I agree about shoes making a statement. Its art on heels. I too purchase shoes that stand out. Thats the only way i go with my Loubs! Thanks Confashions
Confashion said…
lol! I'm very flattered! Thank you for the compliment :* I wish i could come close to "Best blogger", but then again, I blog for fun not to excel :)

Thank YOU for the comment :)