Kate Spade Boutique is Now Open at 360 Mall

Colorful, girly, and modern. That was my first impression as I looked around the newly open Kate Spade boutique at 360 Mall. I remember back in the early 90's I used to own a Kate Spade box-like and structured nylon bag which I loved and wore tirelessly. I was such a devotee. But now I only admire the designer's personal style, how she always looks polished wearing a red lipstick, statement jewelry, and has her hair tied in a chic chingon. I haven't been feeling the love for her collections since mid 90's I guess.

Anyhow, back to the boutique, according to the salesman, it's the first stand-alone  Kate Spade boutique in the Middle East. I must admit I was attracted to the boutique's bright and colorful displays. Reminded me of a box of colorful crayons. I did spot some cute pieces for casual chic looks, like the black trimmed trench coat, button-down shirt with a retro pink, and this striped boxy jacket with ruffle detail. The boutique also has some cute iPhone cases if you're looking for one. Check out if you plan to pass by 360 Mall anytime soon...


LadyB said…
eAww, I really loved the striped jacket !
Gotta pass by , dunno when though :/