In My Closet: Glasses

How many pairs of eye/sunglasses do you own? And how many is too many? I was doing a bit of spring cleaning when I noticed something that I didn't take note of before. I saw a lot of sunglasses boxes neatly stacked in my drawer. Why was I under the impression that I had 3-4 pairs maximum! So I picked some of my favorites to share them with you... hmm.. looking through my purchased glasses, I came to realize that I always tend to settle for eccentric pieces... preferably with a cat-eye frame. 

From left, round-shape sunglasses from TopShop, Prada's Baroque sunglasses with swirl accents, and House of Harlow 1960 'Chelsea' Cat's Eye sunglasses, which I got from Pinkmoon Boutique.

I have a thing for cat-eye frames in case you haven't notice. I got the sunglasses shown on the top from Boutique 4. The ones below it are by Marni, I got them from Villa Moda several years ago, I haven't worn them that much though, maybe I need to replace the glasses with darker shades.

I got these Luella wayfarer sunglasses by Linda Farrow from AlOthman probably 4 years ago.. I fell in love with the cut-out heart detail on the side... I miss Luella..

My latest obsession are these Givenchy acetate optical glasses with statement black panther-detailed arms


Natalia Q8 said…
Let me know when you finish your clearance so that I can pick up all your clothes and accesories. I love your style, maybe something suits me, je je je
I love your work in the blog, congratulations.
Natalia from
LadyB said…
I got soo many, since I buy 3-4 pairs each year mum through a fit a while ago when she went to my sunglasses drawer :/
Ansam said…
VERY unique taste I must say :) I wanna steal a couple of them hehehe
i recommend you to change Marny's sun glasses into an eye glasses(Y)
Confashion said…
Natalia Q8
LOL! Thank you so much I'm very flattered ;)

LOL!! I get that sometime when my mom open my shoe closets "by coincidence"! :P

hahaha 7allalich ;)

4 Ketakeet emfarzineen
I think so too ;)
LadyB said…
Trust me the shoe closet is another story I began hiding them here and there :P
Confashion said…
LOL!!! I can totally relate!
Pippa Kitson said…
You have nice sunglasses collection. I am also fond on cat-eye like glasses like you do. I feel that it can beauty on my whole face. :)