Here Comes Hannayome

Last night I was invited to Hannayome's Wedding Gala which was held at 52 Degrees. What is Hannayome? In a nutshell, it's your local wedding guide for all bridal and wedding related business. The event was held to celebrate the launch of the guide's 2nd edition, which you will find available in various locations and for free. The event brought together the finest and most reputable wedding industry suppliers in Kuwait. So if you're a bride-to-be I strongly recommend that you pass by today (last day) as it will give you the opportunity to examine products closely, inquire more about services offered, view the latest in bridal jewelry, and obtain inspiration and guidance to make your wedding day special. Let's take a quick tour of some of the businesses participating in the event.. and of course do what I do best, admire handbags, shoes, and jewelry!

Al Dazzah is a new business established by two lovely girls and targeted to the mother of the groom, what they do basically is customizes luxurious dazzah boxes to your specifications. They offer various boxes in different materials. Think antique boxes, wooden, mother-of-pearl, traditional, modern, jewel encrusted... etc. And that's not only it, they arrange the inside of the box to fit the contents of the gifts and decorate it in a way to make the dazzah look lavish and beautifully presented. To find out more you can visit their booth today or call (+965) 5563-7353.

To my foreign readers, Al Dazzah is a gift that the groom presents to his bride before the wedding party, or sometimes the fiance to his fiancee. And it includes a jewelry set and/or cash/cheque. Some people include fancy caftan, bukhoor (woodchips soaked in fragrant oils), perfumes, and other fancy stuff.

Loved how they had the roses hung up-side-down from the celing
Mariam Al Suwailem, one of the creators of Hannayome, immaculately dressed in the season's "it" color mint

Pretty treats from November Bakery

Spotted an Hermes Kelly dance clutch bag carried by a very elegant chic lady

One of my favorite displays was by Lazurd Catering. Hands down, they have the most unique selection of canap├ęs and desserts I have ever seen. And that table they have used for the display (shown below) is just beyond gorgeous!

More from Lazurd
I'm not sure if this is a serving tray with a cover or simply a box, but I liked the handle on its cover

Elegant and chic in layered necklaces.. two thumbs up.

The warm and welcoming Haya Al Khulaifi is also one of the creators of Hannayome 

More mint to love from coco

Neon earrings on a cute pixie haircut

Classy and carrying coral

It was so nice to see the actual bishts of local traditional singer Sulaiman Al Qassar on display. Loved their colors too! Only Al Qassar can pull these off.

I fell in love with this vintage Chanel Kelly bag!
Hermes Constance bag and in pink? She hit the Hermes Jackpot!
Beautiful bouquets by Au nom de la rose
Isabel Marant fringed boots... the most coveted boots of the fall season. Me like a lot!

Loved this rock-chic combo of studded jacket, a high pony tail, and a silver ear-piece.


renn said…
does N boutique have an email address? i would like to buy something from the store but am an international customer! please let me know! thanks xx
Confashion said…
Unfortunately I don't know what their e-mail is. But you might want to try contacting them via facebook: