Harper's Bazaar Best Dressed List

Knowing how obsessed I am with magazines, my lovely friend Rana was in Dubai over the weekend and got me a copy of Harper's Bazaar Best Dressed list, which comes complimentary with HB's March issue. Speaking of magazines, what's wrong Kuwait? Why aren't we getting any fashion magazines? The once that are being sold throughout bookshops are November and December's editions! Someone told me that the delay is caused by some sort of heated rivalries between two of Kuwait's main magazine suppliers. Bummer! I know we have zinio now, but I prefer reading my mags old school style.

Anyhow, contrary to the previous best dressed list edition, this edition featured more Kuwaitis than ever: Nadia Behbehani, Amal Khoursheed, Fatima Al-Qadiri, Hanan Al Jouan, Hind Al Wazzan, and Noor Al Sabah. Kudos to Kuwaiti Style! I enjoyed reading the profile of each one of them, especially that part where artist Fatima Al Qadiri mentioned that one of her favorite fashion items is a Givenchy leather harness personally gifted to her by Riccardo Tisci. Now how cool is that?!!

Actually, I read the profiles of each of the fabulous and fashionable women featured in the list! It's so pleasing to see our region's personal style (and not trends only) celebrated in that way. Looking forward to next year's edition. Here are some of my favorite bits...

UPDATE: It is worth mentioning that Kuwaiti stylist Fahad Al Marzouq is the one who did the styling for Hanan Al Jouan, Noor Al Sabah, and his mother Hend Al Wazzan. Great job Fahad! 

Loved the Helmet Lang blazer with chiffon sleeves which Nadia Behbehani, Amanda Peet look-alike, was sporting.

Saudi designer Razan Alazzouni dressed in her own design. Razan's work was featured on my blog here, here, and here.

From Bahrain Alaa Al Shroogi.. Everything about this photo is classy and elegant

Killer Wang heels! As worn by Dubai based twins Alizey and Saanieh Mirza. Check out their fun blog here. And That peplum white skirt and Stella McCartney's floral pants are beyond fabulous! 

Hanan Al Jouan looking sleek and ├╝ber-chic

Amina Tahir from UAE looks regal, doesn't she? Poised and confident. Love it.

Hind Al Wazzan in a stunning fringed dress

Some serious arm party here rocked by a stylish Palestinain/Greek PR Manager Melina Mitri

Noor Al Sabah hit all fashion's right notes with this flawless photo

The season's most-wanted shoes look even more stunning on tanned legs worn by the editor of lifestyle website CheerypickDubai.com Aysha Majid.


6on6onzz said…
Hello confashion

how are you

can u please tell me how I can subscribe to Harper Bazaar arabia also Haute Muse ..

I have been searching on the web o can find a way can u help pllz

thanks alot
Dunia Al BEshara
Aseel said…
SO Proud of my friends and acquaintances who got chosen as one of the Best Dressed for 2012!!! Amina Taher, Amal Khoushid, Noor Al-Sabah, and Khalty Hind Al-Wazzan. You all deserve it and more! Go Fashionistas ;)
Confashion said…
You can subscribe to haute muse through www.HauteMuse.com. As for Harpers Bazaar, you may try emailing them and asking them how because I couldn't find anything online: hbcontact@itp.com, hbsales@itp.com

They all looked fab :)
LMM said…
I am so proud of HANAN AL JOUAN!
She looks absolutely stunning and Im in love with her line "Ha2"
Anonymous said…
Oh WOW, Noor sure looks gorgeous mashalla!
Dunia Al Beshara said…
Thank u so much

noon said…
pretty woman in pretty dresses mashalah
We only just saw this, thank you so much for the mention - we LOVE your blog <3 <3
Great Job on the photography for the ones featured from Kuwait, Andre!