Candy Girl

Fashcode's window concept reminded me of one of my all-time favorite song 80's hit Candy Girl by New Edition. For as long as I can remember I thought it was originally performed by Jackson 5, only a decade later I came to know that it's performed by New Edition and that it was in the style of Jackson 5's ABC song. Speaking of candies, Fashcode has received some new sweet additions by Alice & Trixie, Angel Jackson (Handbags), Dolce Vita Shoes, Cut 25, Nanette Lepore, and Singerson Morisson shoes in bright neon colors and floral/abstract prints.


Hellocouture said…
I love the window, I got the gryphon jacket you posted and they also had some pieces by a designer called Risto which I can not resist I got a green dress by Risto also Emanuelle Kahn sunglasses as worn by lady gaga but they only have one pair left if anyone wants annnnnd they had some cool snake skin bags that were only 120kd I don't remember the brand. your blog, and the multifaceted aspect of it. Great job
Confashion said…
They do have some quite nice selection of brands.. :)

Thank you for your kind words xoxo :)