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As promised, today I'll be sharing with you some great finds in the women's accessories department which I spotted during my visit to Kico Kids @Panacheous boutique in Discovery Mall. My favorite would have to be the rings collection. Check out these organic metal ringr with crystal detail opening in front. They can be worn separately or stacked together. And the great thing about them is that their fit is adjustable. Price tag? KD 22 each. 

Studded collar necklace would look smashing with buttoned up top
Arm or ankle metal cuff

The famous Banana Taipei "Birkin" beach bags

A colorful selection of clothes and scarves mostly in organic materials. I liked this dip-dyed scarf by Gypsy. It makes a great beach cover up for the summer and a great neck warmer for chillier days.

Now this is so cute and unique! The Kico Kids @Panacheous gift boxes where you get to highlight the greeting message using a word puzzle printed on the cover of the box. You'll find messages like "Happy Birthday", "Get Well Soon", "Congratulations"... etc.

Another cute gift idea is Kico Kids @Panacheous's gift vouchers. You can take your pick from the credit-card-in-a-wallet-shaped gift voucher or a cute-tote-shaped gift voucher. 


Lama said…
I just LOVE the rings! said…
Thank you confashion!
Thank you Lama ;)
Confashion said…
I know! They're so uber-cool right?!
My pleasure xoxo
Noaf H. said…
Above all, I'm OBSESSED with the amazing packaging. LOVE clever design. Genius! said…
Thank you Noaf :*