Webby Wednesday: snatchittoday.com

Snatch it Today is a Kuwait-based website that lists down amazing discounted deals and offers  from various local retailers around K-town, like Bubbles Nail Sap or LoFat Platinum membership. Some offer are ready to buy, and some will be given a target number of buyers to activate the offer. The offer should reach the minimum number of users for the deal to be activated. Users should buy the deal and wait for the offer to be activated, once the offer is activated an e-voucher (ready to purchase) will be sent to your email. The trick to validate the offer is to gossip about it, have your friends and family purchase them in order to reach the target buyers to validate the offer. Remember there is nothing to lose, just snatch it while it lasts. Click here to find out more. 


Thank You so much! :)
Confashion said…
My pleasure :)