Visiting Al Dukan

If you're following me on instagram (@confashions) twitter (@confashion), or regularly checking my Save the Date page, you'd probably know by now that last night I attended Bayt Lothan's 3-nights National Day celebrations. Last night's events was performed by Kuwait TV band, whom I love so much. Their songs always give that good patriotic vibe. I'll try to upload some video clips of their amazing performance later today. Anyhow, as the show ended, we decided to take a peek inside a store called Al Dukan, which uses one of Bayt Lothan's rooms as its location. The place was filled with all sorts of fashion accessories, home accessories, clothes, books. Most, if not all, items are related to Middle Eastern and Turkish heritage. I found the place to be perfect for buying gifts or if you're looking for certain accessories for your caftans, or if you want to get a taste of Turkey's famous grand bazaar (tassel necklaces in all colors imaginable!). Scroll down for more of what's in-store...

By the way, Bayt Lothan has one more performance tonight, their last one. Click here to find out more. 

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