Video: Live Fast... Die Young

I was surprised to see an article on Al Anbaa'a newspaper about M.I.A's newly released single "Bad Girls". Such news usually takes a while for the local media to report on. You have to watch the video! It features drifting, slippers skiing, and the whole car stunt culture, which people from our region are famous for doing "just for fun". But it looks like it was filmed somewhere in Morocco? I still can't get over the fact that she actually sat on a tilted car! Crazy! I have to admit though the beat is siiick! Played it at least 20 times! 


Me Blogging said…
waaaay M.I.A tkhare3ni ... madre shlon e6ali3 el camera

loved it, il beat 3ajeeb
Confashion said…
Me Blogging
hahaha! she still looks like an angle compared to Marilyn Manson!