Scrumptious Savouries

So remember when I got invited by Al Ostura team to have an exclusive sneak peak of the newly open Alexander McQueen boutique? Well during the meet-up, they served me two mouth-watering platters of canapés and chocolates. I then came to know that they have just started a catering service for meat, fish, vegetarian and sweet canapés, savouries, salads, and chocolates for any private party or corporate events.  Everything looked so beautifully cut and well presented. I wondered if they tasted as good as they looked, so I tried a couple... OK several ones! They're tiny you know! And they were truly scrumptious! And I got to take some with me back home, neatly packed in a sleek white box.   

You can find out more about their catering service by visiting their Lounge located at Al Thurraya Mall (the basement) in Salmiya.


Anonymous said…
I wanna know does one eat this stuff and not end up looking like an idiot?
Confashion said…
Why would someone look like an idiot while eating canapés?