Sarah's Got Talent

I dare you to go through the pages on this site and not laugh, or fall in love with the illustrations, or at least smile while reading things like:

"No wonder I have had an identity crisis, actually I have never took a decision alone, Sadig, Zaki, Mirawega, aliens and some other creatures are all the time with me, actually they live in my brain, that is why it is pretty messy. They taste my green tea for me in case it is too hot, make sure of what I am saying, weather it is true or not so I stay honest all the time, solve equations, make me less angry, check once and twice that I bought my favorite vanilla lotion and the most important thing that make me super CREATIVE all the time...." and "I am interested in a lot of things I do not even remember right now because Zaki ,the smart one, went to get coffee"

The site, designed and owned by a Saudi graphic designer and illustrator Sarah Taibah, showcases some of Sarah's work and a whole lot of creativity. I came to know about Sarah through Samaher's blog and immediately fell in love with her humorous illustrations. Graduated from Dar Alhekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Sarah's services include packaging, book design, photography, advertising, illustrations and way more. In fact, she has recently published a light-hearted book highlighting some common social issues in our region titled Junk. Featured here are samples of some its pages.

 Sarah Taibah has informed me that now she's in San Francisco doing her masters in illustration. And if anyone is interested to get her latest updates or even get a view of her latest works, visit her blog titled Lastika here. To order her book or inquire more about her services, you can drop her an e-mail.


Noon said…
WOW! Truly talented!
I love these illustrations, thank you for sharing :-)
Confashion said…
You're welcome and I'm glad that you do :)