Reppeto to the Rescue

I have a thing for ballerina flats by Repetto. I know they sometimes look too common or repetitive in style and design. But when the going gets tough and walking blisters start to pay me a visit in the middle of my shopping spree or while vacationing, my Repetto's will be right there to save me. In additional to Charlotte Olympia's flats, to me they're the comfiest basic ballerina flats I have ever tried. I spotted this selection of Repetto flats the other day at Gerard Darel boutique, located at the Avenues Phase II, and I fell in love with the red shiny and stripped pair. They surely (wink to my anonymous reader) make today's grey day a little brighter.


1001Nights said…
So you didn't catch the Toms bug ? Everyone and their cousin seems to have one and they say it's super comfortable. But I gotta say, not very pretty.
dss said…
THEY R SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tawnii asma3 3anhoom ****red faced*** today i am going!! thanks
May said…
Reppeto is one of my favorite ballerina brands, I'm so happy that they have it here!
fionkafied said…
I've never heard about them before & I'm not sure they're available in Doha. Have you tried Tory Burch's flats? They're the most comfortable I've tried!
Confashion said…
I HATE Toms! I think they make feet look like samoon (bun). They're only nice on kids... that's my personal opinion for now at least :)

My pleasure ;)

Same here :) Very Parisian chic!

I haven't tried Tory Burch's flats yet :) Are they sold in Doha?