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Every season, trend reports parrot “Mixed prints are in!", but the truth is mixed prints never go out of style. In fact, the only thing new about mixed prints is purely a matter of interpretation: tropical prints, floral prints, digital prints, retro prints... etc. Thanks to fashion giants such as Marni, Cacharel, and Etro, that build a collection based on their signature style... aka.. Mixed prints. We get to see different variations every season. And I personally always look forward to what Marni has in offer for us each season. 

Now speaking of Marni, we live in a country where some people can afford to buy several pieces from the brand in one go without hesitation. However, not everyone who can afford it can master the true look of Marni. Actually I hear a lot of people say "I don't know how to shop at Marni". The easiest way to shop Marni would be to start with the accessories. They go with most items in your wardrobe and definitely add that quirky cool factor to your look. From their cruise collection, on display now at the brand's boutique in 360 Mall, I spotted a fun casual chic collection of bags, iPad cases, and cotton scarves. And their quite reasonably priced for a designer brand, the scarf start at KD 60+.

Now these are really cool iPad cases! Which can also work as a make-up bag?
A shopper with a matching scarf? Love this combo!
And if all fails (or breaks your budget!), head to River Island and grab these cute floral printed flats...


1001Nights said…
I love Marni accessories, they're the best and even years later when you wear them they still look special. But with the clothes, it's not as consistent. Sometimes they turn out beautiful but sometimes the tailoring feels off, like your body looks like it's shaped weird, know what I mean? I can't decide if it's better for super heavy girls or for super skinny tall girls. Probably for both those groups it's great but for medium height medium weight, it's a bit more difficult to find something flattering.
Confashion said…
I think most of Marni's designs are best suited for someone who's tall, whether fat or skinny. A lot of times when I try Marni's clothes, I really look like I put on extra weight.