The One and Only

As much as I hate to admit it, I have to accept the fact that I have a... minor shopping addiction. The problem with being  a shopaholic is that when I don't find clothes and accessories to buy, I go shopping for my home. Do I really need a wooden chess with round ball-like matching pieces? (Btw, it makes a perfect gift! cute!). A rational person would just be happy to save a little money for a rainy day especially with the current political situation in our region... scary! 

So the other day, while shopping at The One located in Marina Mall, I restricted myself from buying and was content with settling for the dreaded window shopping thing... for now.

How cute is this hot pot fluffy table base/pillow!
Loved this contemporary side table in zesty yellow which can also be used as a magazine holder

OK... I WANT THIS!! A bouquet of bulbs/hanging lights.
Outdoor chair in the brightest shade of orange... me like!


Rohaizan said…
Hahaha I like that you call it a "minor" addiction. In that case I too have the same trait. Not exactly a shopaholic but just a minor addition. I love it! And I love your blog too.
Ansam said…
I saw the wobbley chess set in Syria last year

Confashions! The Khan in Syria! A place you would love so much
PrimaDonna said…
Looking through your posts about decor and styling makes me wonder what your true domain would be like....:P I bet its mind blowing! <3
Mallika said…
Hahaha, love this!
I agree with you I have the same problem on a larger scale, I end up doing more than window shopping unfortunately :/ I love the chess set, it looks very unique x Mallika
Confashion said…
*blush* what can I say... I'm living in denial :P
Thank you for your kind words :)

Wow! I loved your post! So pretty and authentic!

Thanks for sharing :) I would love to visit Syria one day when peace prevails soon hopefully :(

LOL! I wouldn't describe it as mind blowing.. It's currently going through a much-needed revamping.. ;)

hahaha as I said... we're truly living in denial :P