Dolcissimo... The Art of Chocolate

I have no doubt that by now, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, you have probably seen at least a dozen other assortments of Valentine's inspired chocolate boxes. But here's one that I'm sure will make the top of any chocoholics favorite list. Introducing Dolcissimo, a new chocolate shop that recently opened in Shaab.
Yesterday I was surprised by this beautifully packaged Valentine's set delivered by Dolcissimo's sweet representative, no pun intended. The pink colored box set included one dozen roses, four pieces of flavored Dip & Sip chocolates, a box of assorted gourmet chocolates, and a pack of chocolate fondue.
The design on the packaging of Dolcissimo, which means very sweet in Italian, looked absolutely gorgeous and yet not meant to divert one's attention away from the main event, that is the actual chocolates. I came to know from the owner that all of their chocolates are made using premium Belgian chocolates, which you can tell from the taste. I had a strong urge to wolf them all down in one sitting. 

Follow Dolcissimo on twitter for their latest updates. Dolcissimo is located at Al Shaab, block 8, Street 90. For further inquiries or orders, please call (+965) 2266-8281.

Saving these tempting dip and sip strawberry and hazelnut flavored chocolates for a night-in watching my favorite TV shows.


Lucky you :) I plan on eating my weight in chocolate tomorrow. Happy <3 day!
HessandCo. said…
looks so yummy!!
PrimaDonna said…
So yummyyyyyyyy, I wish I could eat all the chocolate in the world and not gain any weight! I don't know how some people do frustraiting. :(
Confashion said…
Expat and the City
HAppy valentine's day to you too ;)
Hope it was filled with yummy chocolates

tastes just as yummy too ;)

I wish I had the willpower to eat healthy fat free food all the time!