Dear Confashion: Pandora Charm Bracelets

Q: Do you happen to know where I can buy Pandora bracelets in Kuwait?

A: Honestly I'm not quite sure if Pandora bracelets are being sold anywhere here in Kuwait. The brand's website says they have 0 stores in Kuwait. But I do know that you can find them online on And if you're planning a trip to Dubai anytime soon, you will find Pandora boutique in Ibn Battuta Mall and Mercato.

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Anonymous said…
Hi, I do have limited pieces ready with charms bought them from pandora in UAE if interested I can send her their pics.
Confashion said…
Yes that would be great! Can you send me an email with all the details and pic so that I can forward it to her? :)
Thanks again!
tina said…
At the Avenues phase II next to pinkbery a small accessories shop they have pandora beads, you can make yourself a bracelet or earrings ,sorry just cant remember the name of it.
Confashion said…
Thanks for sharing :)