4 Fornasetti and More

As a person obsessed with fashion and lifestyle, I can safely tell you that Boutique 4 is THE best concept store in our K-town. I mean where else would you find the most avant-garde men and women's clothing, fashion accessories, home accessories all under one roof?! I popped in recently to check out their latest arrivals of home accessories since I'm doing my own "home improvement" project and needed unique items to decorate our living room with. First things first, the Fornasetti's quirky homeware on display is such a treat! You'll find trays, candles, coasters, plates, tables... etc mostly covered using the iconic image of a 19th-century face of a woman, operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri and adding to it some of his own unique, and sometimes humorous, drawings. Perfect for home warming gifts... Scroll down for more unique items.

light which can be used outdoor and indoor

Rocking sheep to decorate kids rooms

More from Fornasetti
Spotted these quirky cool plates which come with an attached sculptures of either a gun or mice... reasonably priced too! Around KD 37 each more or less.

Another unique candle holder by renowned designer Karim Rashid in one of the season's hottest colors

Cool looking table and a dustbin (to the right)


Dunia Al BEshara said…
hiii can u please tell me the location .. I understood that its close to the tilal Complex .. ya3ny yeem 52 degree? ??

where is it exactly plzzzzzzz
Confashion said…
Dunia AL Beshara
Boutique 4's new space is just behind Tilal Complex.
Block 1, Street 6, Plot 21 (Al Ussaimi Bldg) Try calling them on (+965) 24925444 for the exact directions.

You know were Haifa'a Caftans is located in Shuwaikh? 4 is right opposite to it.
Hijabi Inspired said…
to bad we all dont live in kuwait, would love to check it out one day.. love your blog

PrimaDonna said…
Oooh, I would love to come to Kuwait and visit all these cool stores <3 These pieces are absolutely gorgeous.
Dunia Al Beshara said…
Thannk u so much Confashion :)
Confashion said…
Hijabi Inspired
They used to have an online shopping site but it's temporary off line now, maybe soon you'll be able to shop their selection online :)

A MUST visit ;)

My pleasure :)
interia kw said…
you know i have 2 of the woman face plates i bought them couple of years ago and still in the boxes my husband doesn't like :(
Confashion said…
interia kw
No way! :( That's too bad! Don't give them away.. hang them somewhere where he doesn't often see them :P