Veneta and Valentine's

I'm not sure if the red and pink bags on display at Bottega Veneta's boutique, located at 360 Mall, were part of a special Valentine's Day collection. But it surly gave that love-is-in-the-air kind of feeling. Plus I noticed that day that there were more male clients shopping for women's bags than usual. Let's just hope one of these gorgeous brightly colored bags will be neatly wrapped up for you on Valentine's day. Wishful thinking?


1001Nights said…
The color is really ruining it! I accept pink for Balenciaga and maybe some other brands but for Bottega? Madree moo rakib, it's beauty is more pronounced when it's in neutral colors - greys, beiges, browns. Wayed a7la.
Confashion said…
hahaha! laish!? I actually liked the pink on Bottega... very refreshing :)
Anonymous said…
omg, I love your blog and I love that you know what you're talking about! But it kills me every time you write the word "surly"! it means bad attitude. I think what you meant to write was "surely", as in without a doubt.

I'm sorry, i just couldn't help myself, I have a spelling OCD!
Confashion said…
LOL! You remind me of a good friend who's also very OC when it comes to spelling ;)

No worries, I'm so glad that you pointed it out for me. And I'll hopefully remember not to make such mistake again :) So thanks!