Thank You for Quoting Me

I was flipping through the first issue of The Avenues magazine the other day (by the way it's free) and suddenly I noticed they have used a quote by me. And as I skimmed through the rest of the pages, I noticed they have also used quotes by other local bloggers too, which I find it to be quite amazing. It's very rewarding to see your efforts, how small they might be, being recognized on that level. Thank you The Avenues magazine. It was surly a pleasant surprise.


samaher tariq said…
i love how kuwait always integrate cool SM ideas
PrimaDonna said…
Walla I'm not surprised you've made quiet the presence on the fashion blogging scene! You totally deserve it! someone as passionate about fashion as yourself should always be on any fashion editorial's radar. Congrats ;D
Confashion said…
Samaher tariq
Same here ;)

I'm speechless! Thank yoooou so so so much for your kind words and recognition :) It means a lot to me! xoxo