Save My Jewels

One of my readers, RS, e-mailed me to ask about where to find some exquisite jewelry boxes or hangers and she specifically wanted something to hold big and chunky statement necklaces. So the other day while browsing Pottery Barn in the Avenues, I saw these gorgeous glass cloches, or bell jars, which can be used to store jewelry in and at the same time they'd make a nice display of your statement or vintage pieces. I love the fact that the necklace hanger is covered with glass to protect my precious items from gathering dust. And I also loved how the glass cloches come in different levels and each clouch is used for a specific type of jewels as you can see from the photos below. If you prefer the traditional jewelry boxes, Pottery Barn has quite a selection as you can see shown in the background of the featured photos.

For hanging necklaces
And one for your cuffs, bracelets, and watches
And finally one for your cocktail rings


May said…
I really wanted an item that stores/displays my jewelry, and this is just perfect. Thank you so much for the information :)
Moda de la Mode said…
These are so amazing, exactly what I have wanted for so long. What a perfect find
Mademoiselle said…
just what i need..! i'm in the process of de-cluttering my accessories, makeup and jewelry..

do you remember what was the price range?
Confashion said…
We aim to please ;)

Moda de la Mode
Glad to be of help ;)

Hmmm.. I think the biggest Jar was something around KD 40 or I could be wrong... :l sorry but I have a bad memory!