Monday, January 2, 2012

LV Kuwait Vs. LV Paris

If you've been to Salhiya Complex lately, I'm sure you've seen Louis Vuitton's circus themed window display (as seen in the photo above). My lovely friend F, who kindly emailed me photos of Le Printemps window display, was sweet enough to send me a bunch of other window displays in Paris including the ones featured below. I'll be sharing with you what she has sent in future posts. Now back to LV Paris, the window displays looked purely magical! Tightrope walkers dressed in LV (wearing wedge heels too!), monkeys with cool LV sunnies, and three beautifully patterned elephants balancing the weight of a one LV bag. Now that's what I call cirque du chic!


Mademoiselle said...

wow.. the Paris window puts Kuwait's window to shame.. As if someone was too lazy to finish up and left the window undone...

Confashion said...

Totally!! Maybe we'll see better window display of LV in Kuwait if they open in the Avenues Phase 3.


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