Introducing O by Osé

Meet Yousif Abdul-said, a 20 year old Kuwaiti Fashion designer, stylist, and an interior design student.  Yousif is currently working on his first collection of casual wear and evening gowns titled O by Osé. Yousif was kind enough to share with us this photo from his lookbook giving us a sneak peek of what to expect. The designer will be hosting his first fashion show soon, I'll be sharing with you all the details once the exact time and date are set. Looking forward to see the entire 16-pieces collection and wishing Yousif the best of luck.


6on6onzz said…
Where can we see his collection ..?
Confashion said…
Hopefully soon on my blog :)
You can also follow the designer on twitter for the latest updates:!/itsOse
Anonymous said…
Can't wait!!!!!!
Confashion said…
Same here! :)