Hermès Hearts Pink

I spy with my little eye, shades of pink at Hermès boutique, located at Al Hamra Mall. Has the boutique been hit by the Valentine's bug already? Could be. And what's this I see? A mini Kelly croc clutch with diamonds encrusted lock that would set you back a whopping KD 15,500!! (that's around $55,586!!). OooK, moving on.... 

Hermès Lindy in a yummy shade of bubble gum pink. I think it was priced at KD 1,300. And it looked quite practical and light to carry. 

This Hermès Constance candy rose H Logo Wallet is a more "affordable" option for guys looking for Valentine's day gift. Of course the term "affordable" here is in comparison to other items in store. 

Hermès Jige crocodile clutch

Moving away from shades of pink to blues and oranges, I spotted these Hermès slippers on display, I'm personally not a fan of the slippers, but I liked their colors for the summer.