Getting Creative with "Stick to the List"

After reading my post titled Stick to the List, one of my fab readers who goes by the name MaMa Yona, has sent me these super adorable photos of her daughter. And here's what shad had to day:

"Dear Confashion,

I have read your post about the Chanel Stick to the list (Catalog/sticker album), and when I got mine I really loved the concept, but usually when I get a catalog with my purchases I would take a look at it once or twice then throw it away, but this time I wanted to create something by using it ... so after thinking for a couple of weeks this is what I came up with  I took pictures of my two year old and printed them in black and white then got busy sticking those stickers like an 8 year old hehehehe and Tadaaa !! this is what I got ! hope you like them ;)"

I sure did! I loved them and thank you so much for sharing this cuteness with me MaMa Yona.


Yona said…
Thank you confashion for your post :)
1001Nights said…
Super cool idea! Tshawig smila 3alaiha :)
Au natural said…
I love! amazing idea :)
Confashion said…
Thank YOU for sharing the photos of your adorable girl :)

7adha mashallah :)

Au natural
Chanel for chic children ;)