Furniture is the Servant of Fantasy

Over the weekend I passed by CAP's warehouse in Shuwaikh to check out the debut design collection by Al-Hamad Design titled: Furniture is the Servant of Fantasy

I was pleased to find Nanu Al-Hamad, the director of design at Al-Hamad Design and the creative force behind the following mind blowing designs, at the warehouse as I wanted to pick his brain and ask him about his inspiration behind these beautiful designs. Raised in Southern California, the Kuwaiti designer took me through the exhibition explaining how he focused on creating luxury fantasy-like objects that inspire and surprise. The furniture utilizes progressive materials and technologies in order to improve and expand the relationship between objects and their users. The bulb box, featured in the first photo, was my #1 favorite item of the exhibition. If one bulb burns out, just simply replace it with any of the ones available inside the box. Super cool! 

The exhibition is on until Wednesday 18th January 2012, from 11am - 1pm and from 5pm-8pm.

The Chandelier Throne was my second favorite piece of the exhibition. If you plan yo go, which I strongly recommend that you you should, you have to try sitting on it. AT first I was hesitant to sit, as I didn't want to cause any damages, but it felt so cool and very fairylike! I'd love to see this piece on a terrace overlooking a huge garden. The chair is covered with leather from Moore & Giles.

This piece is called Gibbous it is basically a garden chair and an ottoman. It also glows in the dark.

Doesn't this table look like it was made from volcanic lava? Amazing!
This floor lamp is called Embarakiya and it's basically a fiber glass mannequin with touch sensor lighting and built-in speakers. It was funny listening to music coming out of the mannequin's chest!

All the pieces have the designer's stamp hidden at the back....
Check out how this work desk is smoothly transformed into a meeting table simply by moving the attached rotating wings.
This piece is called the Little Oyster which can be used as either a chair or a side table when folded. It also has secret compartment for storage. Unbelievably cool!

Loved this glow-in-the-dark hammock which fits 2-3 persons


6on6onzz said…

Where is the exhibition held? FA Gallary?
Confashion said…
No CAP's warehouse in Shuwaikh, next to Life Center... You can find out more about them here:
PrimaDonna said…
I loved the concept, but there was something about those traditional figurines/lamps...just creepy! Imagine walking in a dark corridor with that as your only source of light!!
1001Nights said…
Wow !!! Talk about creative. I thought it was brilliant except for the lamps wearing thobs/dishdashas, that's just not what you want to see when you turn the light on in your living room. :) Also, really didn't like the volcano lava thing which looks like a casket. MORBID!

Loved the chair that has storage inside and the table that has wings that turn it into a larger table. Also, the box of bulbs! Brilliant!
Anonymous said…
Chandelier Throne is GENUIS!
Confashion said…
lol! I agree, the mannequins do look kind of creepy but it's a smart concept :)

lol! yeah they're shway creepy but as I mentioned creative as an idea :)

You just have to try sitting on it...