Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feeling Merry with Mulberry

Ahhhh... the sight of brightly colored bags and accessories in these sometimes-cold-sometimes-warm/humid days simply makes me happy. This means, new season's collections have finally started to roll in! First it was Céline's fluo nano bag, then it was Alexander Wang's yellow colored coco duffel bag, and now let's welcome Mulberry to the rainbow family with their bright green Bayswater bag and hot fuchsia chain bag. I also spotted iPad cases (perfect for gifts) and a couple of flat sandals as part of their collection currently on display at the Avenues Phase II. 


May said...

the hot fuchsia chain bag is gorgeous!

Confashion said...

And looks so practical too! heart

r.alsharif said...

Lovelovelove their bags! Specially the brown leather one

Confashion said...

I'm glad you do :)


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