Event: Visiting Kuwait's International Islamic Art Convention

The other day my lovely friend urged me to visit Kuwait's 5th International Islamic Art Convention. She got to know about it through her cousin who's actually one of the organizers of the event. And I'm glad I did. I was completely mesmerized by the works of some of the participants. The event showcases islamic art using various techniques and from different parts of the world. And that's not all, they actually have workshops for kids and adults to experience the art of weaving and calligraphy, and they're all for free! Scroll down to see some of my favorite participants...

The event is currently being held at the Grand Mosque in Kuwait City and is open from 9AM to 12PM and from 5PM to 9PM until 7th January.

A Chinese artist who uses Arabic calligraphy to paint. In the first featured photo, the artist wrote "Kuwait" in a Chinese way... So beautiful. 

One of the works that was featured in this event which I found to be utterly spectacular is the origami Tessellation by Italian artist Andrea Russo, who happens to be a lawyer too. He went on a trip to Spain 10 years ago and was facinated by the architechture of Alhambra Palace, which was built in the 13th century, and the beauty of its geomatric islamic patterns. And that's when he started to study islamic art and reproduce islamic geomatric patterns using origami techniques (paper-folding). I can just imagine using 4 or 5 of his framed work as a partition in a living room. And by the way, his displayed work is actually on sale in case you're interested to buy. According to the artist, it takes him 4-5 days to complete one piece. 

You see the origami boats shown here? They're actually the artist's business cards! So cool!
The artist showing us the grid which he uses to create his art

A piece created by a Turkish artist using painting on water, scroll down to get an idea of how he creates this technique.
I was completely mesmerized by his work and the beautiful blend of colors, it felt very Marni-like! They'd make a unique paper-gift wrap in case you don't want to frame them and hang them on the wall. Price tag? KD 3 ONLY!! I know!!! So budget-friendly!!
"Wa Rabbuka fa Kabber" painting using Jaly Dewani writing by Fatima Al-Begaly from UAE. Price tag? KD 1,000.

This artist uses embroidered writings on velvet and has actually used this technique to produce an entirely embroidered holy Qura'an. It took him 8 years to complete the first copy. Amazing ha? If you have the time, you have to pay the place a visit. It is so worth it. 


Nadine said…
The origamis are magnificent ..
Confashion said…
The photos really do not do them justice!
Anonymous said…
Are non Moslem expats allowed access to the State mosque for this convention? And if yes, is there a separate entrance for the convention.
Confashion said…
Yes! Anyone can attend. The event is being held in a tent-like venue just outside of the Grand mosque so it has its own entrance...