Copy Cat: Céline Logo T-shirt

The other day I spotted the much anticipated Céline's white logo t-shirt from the brand's Resort 2012 collection at  Céline boutique in Arraya Complex. It was priced at around KD 110 and I think they only had one piece of sizes Medium and large available in store. Riri was also recently spotted rocking that same tee. So what do you think of designer logo tees? A fashion do or a fashion don't?

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Dodo said…
Two words: over priced
But they're awesome
Anonymous said…
It's usually a dont, but celine is so up there that maybe we could make a half hearted exception:p it would've been cool if it had a twist like chanel's perfume tshirts or marc jacobs fun logo tshirts, but i guess that's not the brand's style.

Mallika said…
I think it definitely depends on how you wear them, I have seen some people wear it horrifically and then some fabulously. I think Rihanna wears it perfectly, I love the casual look she has!

x Mallika
Confashion said…
I agree :)

In my books, celine can do no wrong... for now :P

And I agree with what you said too :) It's all about how you can pull this look off without looking too nouveau riche :)