Thursday, September 29, 2011

Event: A visit to Hurrem Sultan

FA Gallery have sent me an invitation to attend the launch of their latest exhibition titled Hurrem Sultan, paying tribute to Hurrem Sultan, the renowned Queen of the Ottoman Empire who has embodied the image of empowering women for many centuries. But because I have a really bad memory, the event completely slipped my mind. Luckily, Me Blogging posted about it and I added "Go to FA Gallery TODAY!" to my never ending to-do list.

The exhibition features exquisite items by leading creative Turkish designers and artists in the fields of fashion, accessories, and furniture. I must say that the moment I saw the below featured tables, designed by Engin Ozmen, I was hooked! It's a beautiful piece of art! Scroll down to see what else was on display. The exhibition is on till Thursday 5th October.

I think the table was priced at KD 750.

ANother set of tables that I liked by furniture designer Gazme Iscan
Some statement accessories

Some statement rings, the kind that does not require a lot of... hand gestures!
Loved these colorful custom jewels
Something for our fashionistos

And something for the ladies...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Preview of Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait

If you love seeing contemporary art, then you must not miss out on the launch of CAP Kuwait tonight. I had the pleasure to preview Contemporary Art Platformlocated in Life Center at Industrial Shuwaikh, and honestly at first I thought it was just another art gallery. Little did I know! CAP Kuwait includes some facilities that any artists and art-lover would really appreciates. Think arts library of almost 1000 books, cinema, conference room, and design corner. CAP's Gallery Director Liane Al Ghusain gladly showed me around (thank you!!) and  also informed me that they're planning to introduce art-related classes and seminars in the near future, that should be exciting. 

Currently they're holding an exhibition titled Self-Encounters : Face to face with Kuwait art collectors, where they'll be showcasing portraits from the archives of Kuwait's biggest art collectors. You will find works by Andy Warhol, British street artist Banksy, Ghada Al Kandari, Halim Al Karim, and many more. Here is a sneak peak...

CAP's Gallery Director Liane Al Ghusain
One of my favorite pieces at CAP, you have to go and see it in real-life breathtaking!
This one's by Banksy

Mixed-media art pieces made out of lego 
King Che sculpture by Syrian Fadi Yazigi
composite photograph by Iraqi Halim Al Karim

There was a corner dedicated for Kuwaiti artists where you will find works by Ghada Al-Kandari, Shurooq Ameen, and Aziz Al-Mudhaf, to name a few.
Not sure if these tables were part of the exhibition, doubt it, but I fell in love with them anyways!
The cool thing about CAP is that they have a small library where you'll find a big selection of books related to art. They also had this cool bear-shaped book shelves where you can find books for sale.

Webby Wednesday: Not Yet Vintage

I have received an e-mail from the owner of a new online website called Not Yet Vintage, a Kuwait-based online shopping site for vintage lovers and designer-bargain hunters. Basically, you buy or sell your own used and pre-loved clothes and accessories through them. And their team will take care of photographing your products, uploading them to the site, shipping and payment details, and all the other stressful logistics you want to avoid.

I spotted this top, which if my memory serves me right, is by Matthew Williamson and it's being sold for $84?! Not bad!

If you wish to find out more or interested to sell your stuff, please send an e-mail to,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Must Have Shearling

Wrap up and stay luxe in the ultimate shearling pieces. Shop collared coats, trimmed jackets and sumptuous lined vests by Helmut Lang, Diane von Furstenberg, Karl by Karl Donoghue and more by clicking here.

Copy Cat: Liz's Heels

Sometimes pictures can be deceiving, especially when the picture is taken by a stylish blogger who can pretty much pull off anything, Like Liz

Liz, one of my favorite bloggers, is a Los Angeles-based fashionista and a personal style blogger with an impeccable taste. Whenever I have free time, I check out her blog titled Late Afternoon and marvel on how well she mixes high-street and high-end. Just recently, she has featured these gorgeous python/suede/leather heels with tassel detail (shown in the first photo). I immidiately thought there were by a designer brand but while reading her post, I came to know that the heels were actually from Zara!! So far, very impressed!

The next day I go to Zara, I spot the same Zara heels, try them on. Nope, not the same effect, and man they looked REALLY bad on me! Oh well.... I guess that's a brownie point for me for saving some money!! Seriously I'm working on my spending habits! So wish me luck!.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Eternal Dilemma of Shorts

I can't help but visualize these cute short and fitted jackets paired with cute leather or dressy shorts, which in my case are most often reserved for house gatherings and preferably when the weather is cold so I can wear them with opaque tights. Yes, the jackets will still look chic and preppy worn with cropped pants and slim-fit skirts, but the result will not have the same "wow" factor. Anyhow, allow me to introduce you to my latest jackets finds. I fell in love with multi-colored tweed jacket trimmed with black leather detail from Uterqüe. Price tag? KD 99.

Found this budget-friendly fitted number with Chloé-ish scalloped details at H&M. Price tag? KD 21.900

Black Leather Equation

Plain leather necklace plus plain leather double cuff bracelets equals to double dose of minimal goth to your everyday look. Loved them and snatched them from H&M

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Confashion: Accessories and Home Decor by Keswah

Al-Ain based brand Keswah, which I have featured previously here, has added two more categories to their brand: home made accessories selected and brought in from the USA (loving this emerald green turban!), and home decor, designed and done by one of Keswah's creative designers.You can find out more by clicking here.

Just Like Isabel Marant and Diane von Furstenberg...

Have you been hit by the Isabel Marant fringed fever? The Isabel Marant suede and leather knee boots are to-die-for and were on the top of my fall's wish list when I first saw them! And it better be freezing cold this season in K-town, or I'll be getting that endless "I-told-you-so" talk from my sisters. 

The Isabel Marant fringed boots came in colors like white, black, and red and were repeatedly shown on the runway of not only Isabel Marant but also Diane von Furstenberg (as shown in the below photo far right and also here). And I have spotted a frugal flat version of our fringed friends at, where else, Zara for KD 59! Not bad at all! 

Runway photo credit

Wrap it Up

I love it when designer boutiques and stores in general make their complimentary gift wrapping service extra sweet and special, like this gift I posted about previously. I find plain Jane gift wrapping extremely boring! And I don't understand why retailers concentrate on store's merchandizing and window displays,  and forget about little things that truly matter, to me at least, like proper gift wrapping, or neatly folding and putting my stuff in the shopping bag. I've been outraged by A LOT of cashiers, high end and highstreet, who have carelessly tossed my stuff inside the store's bag like they were pieces of junk (referring to the items I bought that is)!  Why is it so difficult for the cashiers to take two minutes to fold and pack my stuff neatly into my shopping bag. Beats me!

Anyhow, if you're looking for some great gift ideas for close friends or family members and with  beautiful gift packaging, I recommend checking out Mulberry boutique in the Avenues Phase II. My lovely friend got me a gorgeous iPad case and it was perfectly packaged in a canvas bag (which I'll be using as a beach bag as well) with a cute illustration of Mulberry's signature handbags, tied in cute white ribbons, and decorated with an even cuter Mulberry bird, the same bird used on the boutique's window display which I have featured here. Hmm.. now that I look at the bird's photo, it does look kind of creepy! But I assure you it looked cute in real life! Oh! And they also threw in some Mulberry stickers (shown in the last photo). The result? A beautifully packaged gift that will surely leave your friend/sister in awe when she receives it.


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