Visiting Boutique 4's New Location

Before I go about its new (and temporary) location, I just wanted to take a minute or two to say that I love Boutique 4. Most of the items they stock are just so avant-garde and rarely can be found anywhere else online or off. I know I said it before but I'll say it again, it is truly one of the few fashion establishments in Kuwait where I like to poke around in even if I'm not in the mood to buy (aka broke).

So I have finally visited Boutique 4's new location (the original one is under renovation), which is huge with lots of space to walk about. As always, their selection never ceases to amaze me. And in case you didn't know, they are currently offering 30% off selected brands from their Fall 2011 collections for men and women. Last min shopping anyone?

Boutique 4 is now located at Shuwaikh Industrial Area, block 1, street 6, plot 21 (Behind Tilal Complex).

Tom Binns kills it every time! Luuuv these safety pin earrings and necklaces

Eddie Borgo Gunmetal Cone Bracelets (first photo) and edgy hinged ring

This falls under "I-don't-really-need-it-and-where-would-I-wear-it-BUT-it's-cool" category. A set of 10 black leather finger gloves with metal knuckle details by Carol Christian Poell.

L.O.V.E this wooden wallet by Maison Martin Margiela

Charlotte Olympia pandora bruce perspex box clutch

I have seen A LOT of variations of the claw cuff bracelet, but one entirely covered with black leather?!? That's love in first sight baby!

Two animal prints in one? Yes please!! Charlotte Olympia lace up booties

Customized converse like sneakers using vintage material. How can I choose one pair when I LOVE them all?!
Something for the men...
Something colorful for your arm party


Elise said…
Love the leather claw! Who's the designer?
fionkafied said…
Loved everything! Will definitely pay them a visit if I'm in Kuwait.
Anonymous said…
How much are they selling Tom Binns' stuff for? I bought my funky Binns fluorescent pink pins rhodium and pearl earrings for I think less than 200 pounds from Dover Market in London. I always like to compare these things.
Confashion said…
I was so fixated on trying it on (it was too big on my arm) and its beauty that I forgot to check who the designer were :| sorry! But I'll check with their sales people...

You won't be disappointed ;)

I think the necklaces were KD 69? But I have a very bad memory so I'm not sure! But I'll check with their sales people...
LadyB said…
I'm trying to keep away *cries*
Anonymous said…
Love the wooden wallet as well, never seen a wooden wallet before
Confashion said…
Lady B
hahaha I know it's so hard! :P

The perfect gift for someone who has everything :)