Travelled on PAN AM!?!

What I'm about to share probably will fall under one of these categories uncool, geeky, or so unfashionable. But here it goes, I collect matchboxes from everywhere I go.  Or let me rephrase that, I USED to collect them but I no longer do since you rarely see hotels or restaurants giving away matchboxes anymore. I picked up this hobby from my father who started to collect matchboxes in the late 50's. I remember my sisters and I were forbidden to touch the glass jars where my father used to store them, obviously for safety concerns.  Years later, my father decided to give me his collection. I was over the moon and since that day I tried to add interesting items to the collection. Unfortunately the hobby gradually started to fade away but I kept the collection anyways  for its sentimental value.

Last night, the jar, which was safely displayed on one of our shelves fell down and broke. No need to go into the details of how that happened. The cool thing is, while I was picking up the matchboxes I spotted this PAN AM matchbox! How cool is that! Super cool if you're, like me, a huge fan of the TV show PAN AM! Now I gotta go get all the details from my father on his PAN AM trip!


B said…
wanasa! my dad used to collect matchboxes too! :)
Confashion said…
No Way! I think it was popular back in the day ;)
May said…
Wow that's so cool! I love that show!
Confashion said…
Me too! Can't wait to see their latest episode! I wonder what took them so long to release one!