Stick to the List

You gotta love Chanel! While shopping at the brand's boutique in Salhiya, I was given  Chanel's Christmas catalogue titled: Stick to the List. So I skimmed through its pages, and I noticed that each featured item was actually a sticker that can be peeled out and stuck anywhere. A booklet of stickers!?! Cool concept! I wish it existed when I was 8 years old and into collecting stickers! 


TheStylisH said…
Sweet ! i need to get my hands on these they can even be used on Shirts by hot-ironing them <3

Much love,
Mademoiselle said…
adorable! i would stick them on my office cubicle to chic it up, on my family's refrigerator or on my iPad cover
Confashion said…
I'm glad you liked it :)

I know! So fun! :)