Some People Think I'm Bonkers

Ever since I have received an e-mail from BonkerBox about their new cool concept of a portable photo-booth and Dizzee Rascal's song "Bonkers" have been playing constantly in my head! Anyhow, I have two announcements to make: 1) I have created a new page on my blog titled Dear Confashion, where you will find a list of all the latest announcements about new regional businesses and special promotions which I receive frequently by e-mail. This way, the Save the Date page, will be focused merely on current events going around K-town and beyond. And 2) Find out more about BonkerBox by clicking on Dear Confashion page... by the way, how gorgeous is this fur coat?! 


miss ghesquiere said…
Merci confash. Its ma pimp coat ;)
Anonymous said…
lovely! where did you get this coat? pleasee tell me where is best to buy fur coats in the middle east or anywhere really.