Prepare to be Amazed

I was invited by Ms. Bibi Al Ghanim, a talented Kuwaiti Furniture Designer and the creative force behind Maze Creative Concepts at her shop-in-shop located at 52 Degrees in Shuwiakh recently to have a closer look at her masterpieces and to introduce me to her brand MAZE. “I started with a pillow case”, said Bibi when I asked her what triggered her to start a business in furniture design.  “I was always intrigued by the world of interior design and I always wanted to venture into the world of designing colorful contemporary pieces with a traditional twist”, said Bibi looking very Parisian chic and refined in her black and off-white ensemble. 

What it began as a small pillow case design has now spanned to include home furniture and accessories. I was completely captivated by the many artistic styles used in Bibi’s designs. From the charming simplicity of traditional details and Arabic calligraphy that whimsically peek from colorful covered sofas and couches, to the understated elegance of traditional-flavored abstracts prints on contemporary-yet-vintage-looking sleek designs.  I so wanted to give our living room a mega makeover right there and then.

Bibi strives to design pieces that people will treasure and love to live with. “There is a story behind each piece, a concept which gives it the ability to connect with the client and its culture”, expressed Bibi. By taking a closer look at her designed furniture with their bold mix and un-match patterns, exclusively sourced and made for Bibi from South Africa and India, I strongly felt the designer’s focus on functionality as a key factor to her designs. Today Bibi embarks on a career in not only interior design but also providing consultancy services and customized furniture based on clients’ requirements.

In addition to being selected to participate in international interior and design exhibitions, MAZE has recently been featured in a renowned UK interior glossy The World of Interiors, and is currently being stocked in Saudi Arabia through local retailers. Something definitely to be proud of. Scroll down to have a quick look at her beautiful designs and pay closer attention to the small details. To find out more about MAZE , click here.

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joudy said…
Really have elegant touches in furniture design and the choice of colors ya alllah 9ej thouq
joudy said…
Really have elegant touches in furniture design and the choice of colors ya alllah really thoug