Thursday, December 1, 2011

Luscious Finds

I understand that Kuwait isn't exactly Chicago in winter. So if I see a fur item that I really like, I won't be buying it on the spot because a) it's not like I'm gonna be wearing my fur around "the neighborhood", and b) how many fur vests/jackets do I really really need? One thank you. However, that said, it doesn't hurt to admire, especially when someone comes across something so soft and luscious like this fox fur vest from The Row, spotted at Al Othman. I immediately tried it on and had a hard time taking it off. So freaking fabulous! Maaaybeee I should give my fur vest to my sister and buy this one since I only need... one! Or maybe not.

Anyhow, more fur in the form of accessories ( A clutch and heels) by Louboutin available at Al Othman Boutique.


Yasmineelcharif said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Works for beirut nights ;)

Confashion said...

You should have seen how soft the fur was... gorgeous!

B said...

wow i love it! I've probably got 134252 fur vests though.. all faux fur except for one rabbit fur (poor rabbits :x).

LadyB said...

I am imagining how would the shoes look on my feet, like an animal stuck to it? not kewl :P
But I love fur vests !

Anonymous said...

Don't turn a blind eey for the sake of fashion :[


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