Love LV's Art

Found a great gift for someone who likes Louis Vuitton's leather and appreciates Art. I've never heard of this limited edition line called IllustrĂ© before. The whimsical illustration is used to decorate LV's monogram and Damier leather wallets, organizers, and key chains and is inspired by the nostalgic history of LV's long tradition with travel. According to the saleslady, they have received this line almost a month ago and in addition to the hot air balloon illustration featured here, they had a character illustration from 1909, which sold out immediately. Price tag of the wallet? KD 220. 


Mademoiselle said…
adorable hot air balloon ! i love the vintage'y image
Confashion said…
Me too! I wish the other wallet didn't sell out that fast :\ I would have bought it!