Isabel Marant in Kuwait

It seems I've been living under a rock lately because I just found out by coincidence that Isabel Marant's collection is available in K-town, LimeLight Boutique AL Thurraya to be more specific! Finally! Yaaay!! Sorry girls, no boots or sneakers... only clothes. 


Anonymous said…
I don't want to sound rude or anything of that sort. But what do you with all your shoes and clothes? I'm just really curious. :) Good day.
Anonymous said…
I believe Isabel Marant will be discontinued in Limelight and should start being at AlOthman starting SS12!
Confashion said…
Not at all :)
Well it depends, most of my high-street purchases I give them away to a charity once I tire of them. However I do tend to keep my high-end purchases in hopes of wearing that "vintage" piece on day and in some rare cases I give them away to either my nieces or a charity. :)