How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art

So I have finally managed to visit "How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art" exhibition which was held at the Contemporary Art Platform warehouse. The exhibition is organized by JAMM, an independent art advisory, and curated by Ali Bakhtiari. And it showcases the use of Arabic text in contemporary Arab and Iranian art using various  mediums such as photography, mixed media, light installation, jewelry and more. So let's take a quick virtual tour of my favorite pieces, starting with these marvelous rings designed by Kuwaiti artist Fareed Abdal. What I loved about his designs is that the rings look so raw and sculptured as opposed to what we normally see when arabic caligraphy is used. And of course some letters look nicer than others but all in all I really liked them. Unfortunately, the size of the ring was big but the admin at the exhibition informed me that I can pre-order one to fit my size and that the ring is priced at KD 10o. A reasonable price for a piece of art to wear everyday. 

A beautiful acrylic on canvas piece titled The Last Supper by artist Katya Traboulsi

Babel by Katya Traboulsi

I have seen a lot of great work by Kuwaiti artist Amira Behbehani previously but this piece titled The Journey has to be my absolute favorite from the artist's work.  It is HUUUGE and I love the fact that it has so many tiny interesting details if you look closely, like the lady below.   

Loved the humor on this Photo by Hassan Hajjaj. Notice the designer logos? Chanel, Prada, Gucci...

Check out the frames used for Hassan Hajjaj's photos

Embroidery on velvet by artist Imad Raad which reads: Our cow doesn't milk but pisses plenty

Green neon light installation titled The Garden by artist Shezad Dawood


Anonymous said…
Omg those rings are beyond gorgeous! Are they to be sold?

So in love with the contemporary art of ayat qur'2anyah, I can imagine such a thing would look lovely in a home garden.

Thank you confashion for this delightful post.
Confashion said…
Yes and they're priced at KD 100.

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the post :)