Hermès Finally Open in Kuwait

No more rumors and no more speculations. This is it! Hermès boutique is finally open at Kuwait's newest luxury destination Al Hamra Tower. I've been invited to the opening of the boutique and let me tell you something, I'm not a huuuuge fan of Hermès, but as I walked in through the botanical like garden leading the way to the boutique's entrance, all decorated with lemon, flowers, and Hermès scarves, I was completely starstruck, for lack of better words! There it was, the long-awaited Hermès boutiques with its colorful bags in the most mouth-watering colors, scarves, and bracelets, exerting a powerful pull on me and taunting me all at once.  Oh and the smell of new leather?? Yup. I was powerless, especially when I saw this super mini Kelly in bright yellow?! Honey... you will be mine.

There will be a VIP event in the evening as well, so entrance will be invite-only. However, Hermès boutique will be officially open to the public starting tomorrow at 10 AM. So good luck hunters.

Take your pick...
Hermès jypsiere in two sizes, I personally liked the smaller size, it looked more practical (A wink to my friend DS)

Chic and sleek
Yup, the one encrusted with diamonds!Not my cup of tea though...
Hermès Medor clutch in chocolate brown croc leather
Hermès Collier de Chien Bracelet

Cute saddle charm
I liked the horse charm on this bag

The window display of Hermès was absolutely stunning with it's botanical garden theme, Hermès scarves tied neatly around trees and cactus. Hermès wallets strategically places on plans to give the illusion of flowers. So pretty.

Check out the colorful peacock on the window display it looked so unbelievably real!
Special thanks to Ms. Dana Mado, immaculately dressed I must add in a fabulous fit-hugging cream lace dress, and all the lovely team at Hermès for their warm welcome and a well organized event


Anonymous said…
aaahh, that was better than cardio.
thanks for the post
Anonymous said…
Please tell me whats the price of the mini kelly ones?
Confashion said…
LOL! My pleasure ;)

Sorry but I'm not sure how much the mini ones were priced it... :\
Anonymous said…
what are opening times for the store?
Confashion said…
from 10am to 10 pm. Fridays from 2pm to 10pm

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Anonymous said…
i want to know the cost of the h belts ?
Hermes Girl :) said…
Yeah... star struck :) Hermes is definitely my FAVE brand ever... although Chanel and others make me smile too :)