Crystal Collar

When it comes to the detachable collars trend, I think I'm more into collar necklaces than the actual detachable type simply because collar necklaces sit nicely on the collar bone, where as most of the detachable collars I have tried on so far felt like being strangled. However, I still didn't give up, still looking for the one that fits perfectly. And props to all of you uber-cool ladies who have been able to pull the detachable collar look off. Actually, I think I might have found the perfect detachable collar, which I'll be sharing with you soon thanks to Aisha from UAE (more on that later). 

Now back to the collar necklace, I spotted this crystal version at BCBG boutique the other day. It looked super cute when I paired it with a grey knitted and fitted top and a full skirt. But not quite what I had in mind... something about it looked off.