Coolest Collars

Remember my post about the BCBG crystal collar and when I mentioned Aisha from UAE has clued me in on the coolest collars ever?? Well I have finally managed to check out the link she has sent me and it was of a brand called Eleven Objects. When I first browsed the site, I immediately fell in love with the collection, which looked very familiar and then I had a a light bulb over my head moment and remembered that I've seen these eccentric collars on The Man Repeller. Check out the first photo featured here from Eleven Objects's S/S 2012 collection? A collar sleeves??? That's taking the collar to a whole new level! Super genius and I love it!  


LadyB said…
Before the beginning of this winter I was so tempted to design some fabric collars got the materials and the tailor managed to do the sillouette as I pleased but I never got my head around finishing the idea, dunno why :/
Confashion said…
You should definitly continue this project!! Maybe decorate the collar with some pieces form your pretty cameo collection? ;)