Cool Collars

Grab your not-to-be-missed accessory of the moment with a fun, feminine, and preppy selection of peter pan collars that any Blair's of the world would be proud of (wow it's been almost 5 years since Gossip Girl debuted and still using Blair as a fashion reference! Not thrilled about her choices this season though). Anyhow, I spotted these styles of sequins embellished, leather/velvet covered, and jewels encrusted collars at Shop’n’Drop boutique, located in Salhiya between Opera bakery and Al Jarra flowers. Too bad the pastel pink leather collar was sold out!


Flamboyant said…
Lovely collars to spark up the outfit! Definitely passing by tomorrow n getting one!
Anonymous said…
I like the pink sequin, cute collars
Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more :)

You should have seen the pink leather one! Super adorable! Unfortunately it was sold out :(