Beauty from Bahrain

Environmentalist, graphic designer, and a teacher are just a few of Reem Al Khalifa's fortes. The founder of Bahrain-based beauty line titled Green Bar, is also a certified natural perfumer trained by one of the industry's leading experts, Mandy Aftel. So you can add that also to her list of fortes thank you! So when I got introduced to Reem Al Khalifa's brand and how it all started, I wasn't surprised that Reem was labeled as Middle East’s original representation of what it means to be naturally extravagant.

Green Bar offers a range of naturally precious oils and rosewaters that have actually existed since the days of Cleopatra, now renewed by Green Bar. All Green Bar’s products are generally sourced from the Middle East and North African regions and are creatively rebottled to preserve their simplicity and natural benefits, thus providing a primitive, pure and naturally extravagant face and body skin care regime for women - and men.

When asked about the inspiration behind Green Bar, Reem Al Khalifa stated "Firstly, there was a gap in the beauty market for products that are 100% natural and locally sourced. Secondly, as a proud Bahraini, I felt a responsibility to launch a home grown product based on my expertise, a source of patriotic pride focused on what is traditionally beautiful, a regional business that would invigorate the local market and inject an inspiring piece of exotic nature for the rest of the world."

I'm so looking forward to see and test Green Bar products and Green Bar's founder who will be participating in the Pretty Little Things event from 6 - 8 December 2011. More details about the event here