Another Home Makeover?

Last week I unintentionally had a jewelry themed posts, as for this week, it seems that furniture and home accessories are the flavor of the week. After spotting eccentric pieces (featured here and here) at B&B boutique, I always make it a point to pop-in whenever I'm passing by Al Tilal Complex. The store showcases the most unique and arty-like furniture and home accessories in Kuwait and I like the fact that the store has a  consistent supply of new stock, because whenever I pass by, I always seem to find pieces I have never seen before. Either that, or I have a really bad memory (I know my sisters would agree with the latter option). Anyhow, enjoy the pics!

Colorful plastic chairs, I think they were priced at KD 75 each... would make a great pair with a white dining table!
The wallpaper and that bright yellow couch?! L.O.V.E!
Spider-like hanging lights and more lights to love