Webby Wednesday: 23rd.com

Ever seen a picture of an outfit and had no idea where to buy it? I recently got an e-mail introducing me to 23rd, all you need to do is to drag an image of an outfit you like into the site's search bar, and voila! It will find you the most visually similar products, using unique visual intelligence technology. Welcome to the future of fashion!

Headquartered in LA, 23rd is the world's first visual fashion search engine. It is currently the only venture in the market which uses visual intelligence technology to analyse whole looks as submitted by users, and in turn find users the most visually similar products based on their preferred looks. I haven't tried it yet, but looking at the video clip it looks amazing! Find out more by clicking here.


Bahrainipreneur said…
Absolutely in love with this new concept ! It will revolutionize everything - wait till Google start using it for their image searches. Good to be living in the future ;)
Confashion said…
Exactly! Welcome to the future ;)