Untitled at FA Gallery

I popped by FA Gallery's latest exhibition/furniture show titled Untitled ( Language of Things ) by Imad Sadik. According to FA Gallery's facebook page, Imad caught the design bug after visiting an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, which inspired him to establish his own design company called A&A that focuses on delivering interesting pieces that tell a story. Two pieces that really caught my attention were this pasta-looking sofa shown in the first photo and the lit-up sofa shown in the last photo on this post. Not sure if they're meant to be sit on or not, and I didn't want to take any chances by sitting on them and cause a blackout for the lit-up sofa. Should have asked the FA representatives....

It is worth mentioning that A&A does personal consulting, and offers a range of design works. Here's a quick look at some of the pieces on display. The exhibition is on until 12th November. 


Anonymous said…
I hate how people here randomly call themselves designers then go and steel ideas of other famous designers and make ugly versions of it..certainly to clear your eyes from contamination please check the original chair of Tom Dixon AND IT DOESN'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE PASTA!!!
a piece of advise to those people that are contaminating the design world " GO STUDY OR GET ANOTHER JOB"
Confashion said…
Oh wow.. I didn't know! :\
Thanks for sharing though.. I've gone through Tom Dixon's online catalog and the stuff which he designed is just beyond amazing!
Anonymous said…
The spaghetti chair is an iconic piece of design furniture. Nobody "here" called themselves a designer. This is a young man who collected these items for this show. May I suggest that you not make such brash comments when you are not well informed. Tom Dixon's chair doesn't look like pasta because it was not designed to look like pasta. This is a very special chair that is durable made from molded silcone. Both in design and material this piece makes its mark in design history.
Anonymous said…
I passed today by Fa Gallery to check the exhibition. The pieces are amazing, i have recognized 2 of the designers, Mario Bellini and Gaetano Pesce, Italian are the best!
I have 1 of Pesce sofa in my house in London and it is stunning!
Wondering why the FA GAllery didnt mention the name of the designers!
It is a shame cause it would have had more value to such exhibition and to this company who is collecting the pieces!