Shooooe Bop Doo Wop!

Oh Pierre Hardy... where do I begin! Always seducing me into buying more shoes than I actually need! And the unfortunate thing is that I don't get to wear your heels as much as I would have loved to! The same goes to Nicholas Kirkwood. You guys are plain geniuses! You keep on making my feet happy and my pockets broke! Siiigh..

So the killer peep-toe booties featured in the first photo are by Mr. Hardy and they are to.die.foooor! Other shoes I fell in love with are featured below.  And speaking of which, why do I always go for the most expensive pair of shoes on the shop floor! The prices of shoes are CRAZY these days!

Alexander Wang Fabiana metallic leather sandals in rose gold AND blue! I didn't know they come in blue too! So pretty on the shelve and so not pretty on my feet.

Chanel Byzantine inspired sandals from the brand's pre-fall 2011 collection.. so pretty

Dear Charlotte Olympia, the above intro applies to you too!

If I didn't have these red velvet babies, I would have snatched the kitten heels in black!

If Christian Louboutin studded shoes and Isabel Marant sneakers had a love child, these studded sneakers would be it!


LadyB said…
You should have an alert on top of the post !

Now I want each and every pair ! grrrr said…
soooo pretty! whats the brand of the last red shoe with gold studs?
Anonymous said…
confashion OMG hatha wean!! london? abeeh hatheel leash twhom ye6l3oon!! OMG the CL sneakers and the studded wedges!!
sheno el studded wedges what is the brand please?
Confashion said…
LOL! Believe me! I had a hard time choosing which one to buy and a harder time justifying my purchases! :P
Marc Jacobs ;)

That was Dubai baby ;)
The Sneakers are actually from Sandro (or was it Maje?) They're both next to each other :)

The studded wedges from Marc Jacobs :)
Anonymous said…
mashkoora Confashion :) one tiny detail is it bloomingdale's or Harvy?
Thank you for all ur FAB posts
Confashion said…
It was a mix of Harvey, Symphony boutique, Galeries Lafayette, Chanel boutique in MOE and Saks :)
Mel said…
How much are those studded sneakers? Someone please tell me.
Confashion said…
I'm not sure... I think around KD 120 if I'm not mistaken...