Pretty in Pink

Meet the no-nonsense cocktail dress! This feminine Aquilano Rimondi powder pink shift dress blew my sartorial-centered-mind. Actually it brought me back to the trendy mod era of the 60s. I can just imagine my self wearing it with a pair of kitten heels, walking down the set of Peter Sellers's famous movie The Party, which by the way features my all-time favorite dream house! Can you imagine it (the house) was designed in the 60's!?!? Feels so now!  Price tag? (of the dress that is) KD 910. Available at Al Ostura boutique located at Al Thurraya Complex.


dr.weird taste said…
Hello Confashions!

You truly possess a unique way of writing that entices people to transcend their imagination to a whole new level. I love every bit of it. I am also glad that you are familiar with Peter Sellers in the movie The Party!!! Not many bloggers today (no matter how fashion forward they claim to be) would use that movie as a reference to subject the mod 60's era!

Thank you Confashions, for existing!
Confashion said…
dr.weird taste
Thank YOU for this lovely comment! I'm very very flattered and I can't thank you enough for making my day :)